The 12 stupid things that mess up recovery presented by the author are:

1) Believing addiction to one substance is the only problem.
2) Believing sobriety will fix everything.
3) Pursuing recovery with less energy than pursuing addiction.
4) Being selectively honest.
5) Feeling special and unique.
6) Not making amends.
7) Using the program to become perfect.
8) Confusing self-concern with selfishness.
9) Playing futile self-improvement games.
10) Not getting help for relationship troubles.
11) Believing that life should be easy.
12) Using the program to handle everything.

The book goes into helpful detail on each of these ways of thinking (and doing!) that move a recovering person closer to relapse, and away from recovery.

Each “stupid thing” is presented in a very clear and easily understandable way.

Help inoculate yourself from relapse with this helpful book!